Keeping your loft conversion warm

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Preparing for your loft conversion

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Loft staircase designs

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Head height and loft conversions

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Efficiency in your loft conversion

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Top 3 Uses for a Loft Conversion

Adding space and value, a loft conversion is the perfect way to extend your home. [...]

Creative storage for Loft Conversions

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Fire Safety for Loft Conversions

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Let There Be Light!

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Very happy with the double dormer extension carried out by pinnacle. Very professional company with [...]

Saving Space Solutions for Loft Conversions

Saving Space Solutions for Loft Conversions The main reason that we convert our lofts into [...]

Beyond a Bedroom: What Else Could Your Loft Conversion Be?

Beyond a Bedroom: What Else Could Your Loft Conversion Be? Most traditional uses of a [...]

Loft Conversions Could Add Significant Value To Your Home!

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Not all dormer roofs have to be flat!

Not all dormer roofs have to be flat. This roof in the Warrington area is finished [...]

Recently finished loft conversions in Great Sankey

A recently completed, excellently finished loft conversion in Great Sankey

Providing a full loft conversion package

As problems in the UK property market continue to rise, an increasing number of homeowners [...]

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The benefits of a loft conversion are numerous and very attractive

The benefits of a loft conversion are numerous and very attractive: more space, added storage, [...]

Create the space you’ve always wanted

Do you need an extra bedroom for the new baby, but don’t want the hassle [...]