Loft Conversion for Low Head Heights!

If you’ve been thinking about getting a loft conversion, but you’re not too sure if you’ve got enough headspace, below, we have put together a handy guide for you to follow to get more of an understanding about the requirements needed from your home.

One way to determine if you have enough headspace is to measure the bottom of the ridge timber to the top of the ceiling joist, the measurements usually have to be greater than 2.2m.

Thinner Insulation

By installing thinner insulation boards in your floor and ceiling, this can save up to a few cm off the thickness in the room. Normal insulation can take up a lot of room, at least 27cm so it’s best to install thinner types just to be sure.

Lower the Ceiling

Another way to ensure you have enough head room is to lower the ceiling below where the loft is. This can be quite messy and provide a bit of disruption so this is an option rather than a recommendation if you decide to go through with the process. It’s always best to discuss with the project planner beforehand and the people fitting your conversion so see what is best for you.

Raising your Roof

This basically means removing your whole roof and then rebuilding it to give you the correct amount of height and structure. If you are thinking about doing this, then you need proper planning permission to do so. One advantage it does have is that it doesn’t cause as much disruption as lowering your ceiling does!

Planning permission is required if you live in listed building or conserved area and also if you plan to change the shape and height of your property. Remember to follow all the rules and avoid doing it unprepared and illegally as this can cause serious trouble.