Deciding on a Loft Conversion Company!

Choosing a loft conversion company can be risky business, especially if you’ve never done it before, and it’s something you shouldn’t take lightly. You need to be aware of the best company for you so below are five tips for you to follow in the journey to finding the right company!

Check the Address and Phone Number

This is very important and will help you narrow down your search to an extent. The contractor should provide you with their physical address and contact details so you know they are telling the truth. If you are experiencing any difficulty, this is an easy way to get into contact with them and if they are reluctant to share their information, it’s normal to be wary.

Check their Accreditations

One of the main hints to look out for is a ‘NICEIC Approved Contractor’ – this is critical as the loft conversion company will be maintaining your electrical work to. Ensure that your chosen company provides you with enough evidence of their accreditations.


You should never underestimate references given by a close friend or family member, as they probably wouldn’t reference them if they didn’t do their job to a certain standard. This will be your most honest statement about a company so don’t take it lightly.

No Upfront Fees

If the contractor wants to be paid before the work has commenced, then don’t think about giving them the work. A credible company will already have their accounts in order and won’t try to take any money from you beforehand.


It’s usually quite common for contractors to source work to other tradesmen if they are not available for the task at a specific time. Due to this, there is no definite stability involved and it could result in a botched job.