5 Things you need to Know before your Loft Conversion

Loft conversions are a great way to add more space and value to your property. Although they do look fantastic when they’re done, they can be quite a complicated and expensive job.

To ensure that your loft conversion is as stress free as we can make it, below we have listed 5 things you need to consider before jumping straight into it.

What Type do you want?

The type of loft conversion you want will make a big difference towards your price, you can have a conversion that just uses the space in your loft and doesn’t use the roof, or you can opt for more expensive conversions, but always remember to make a budget before you do anything so you know what to expect.

Do you need Planning Permission?

For the majority of loft conversions, you don’t actually need planning permission. Homes already have what is called a built in allowance, you have a certain amount you can extend by outside already do don’t worry too much about this. You can always ask your local planning supervisor if you need more information.

Think about the Building Regulations

Although you might not need planning permission, you still have to follow the regulations and building codes. This affects more than the loft itself, as some homes, depending on their layout, will need to have fire doors added.

Your Ceiling Height

To have a loft conversion, you need to measure the distance between your floor and ceiling which should be 2.2m at the tallest part. If it doesn’t measure this, you’ll have to consider changing your roof or lowering your floor which is more expensive.

Your Shared Walls

This goes for houses that aren’t detached as you’ll need to get a “party wall” agreement before any work can be done as this can affect neighbours. Get this done as soon as possible to avoid any disagreements or delays in the future.