Which services do Pinnacle Loft Conversions offer?

loft conversion CAD drawing.

Pinnacle offer a total package in loft conversion, we will take care of the whole project from planning to completion. All aspects of the job will be dealt with by us, this includes liaising with the local planning authority and building inspector to ensure the loft conversion proceeds smoothly.

If you need advice on funding the loft conversion via a mortgage then we will be happy to advise the best course of action for you.

Once work has commenced we will take care of all the plumbing/heating required, (Corgi Reg No 105822). As well as the electrical work and plastering. After the initial build is complete we can also decorate your new loft conversion, this also includes any tiling you may require.

We are members of the Guilds of Master Craftsmen. All our work is carried out to the highest standards. Customer Satisfaction is our priority – from conception to completion you will be assured of a professional service.

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With minimal interruption, the multi-award-winning technology from TeleBeam breaks the mould and makes it possible to convert homes with trussed roofs built after 1960.

Each roof truss normally only supports a roof load of 600 mm in width, according to the “Load Sharing” system used by roof trusses. By using two beams to support the truss’s existing roof weight as well as the additional floor load brought on by the conversion, TeleBeam takes this idea a step further. This strategy minimises headroom loss.
The telescopic beams can adapt to the building’s span and can support any roof pitch. They don’t rely on any interior support and span from exterior wall to exterior wall.

Because TeleBeam is completely installed before any of the ‘W’ braces are cut out of the trusses, it doesn’t need any temporary support or propping. The TeleBeam system receives the roof load from the vertical stud walls at the room’s edge, while the remaining horizontal part of the original truss handles all of the room’s horizontal stresses. The TeleBeams are directly fastened to the floor. There is no requirement for wood floor joists.


Create your unique space and environment with Velux roof windows.

velux windows

VELUX roof windows are designed to create a unique environment within the attic, while providing the right style and size of window to suit the pitch of your roof. For instance the lower the pitch, the longer the window needs to be to get the best possible view.

VELUX roof windows can be coupled together side by side and/or one above the other to provide additional light and create an attractive effect. As a general rule, you need to provide glazed areas equivalent to 10% of the room’s floor area to achieve adequate natural day lighting.

The overall effect is usually improved by increasing this ratio to around 20% and also by several smaller windows rather than one or two large ones.