Ensuring your Loft is Energy Efficient

A recent study has found that by having the correct insulation in your loft, it can save you up to £240 a year. Most of the heat is lost through the roof so it’s always best to make sure your insulation is correct and working at all times. Once the insulation has been fitted, it can last for up to 42 years, but how do you know if it’s energy efficient?

Make sure your loft is dry and free of any damp before you have your insulation fitted, and depending on your joists you can always have rolls of mineral wool fitted, but it’s always best to make sure first.

Some companies nowadays supply free insulation if homeowners are under what is called the ‘Eco Scheme’. It’s always best to check with your company first to see if you are eligible, some examples of suppliers are: EDF Energy, Eon, Scottish Power and Npower.

Double glazing is also a good way to save on energy but it’s always important to consider options with a high energy efficiency rating to ensure you are saving the most energy you can. When you are considering a loft conversion, maybe think about adding an extra radiator in there to provide more warmth, especially in those cold Winter months when you need it the most.

Another recommendation is to use energy efficient lightbulbs and this not only enhances your loft’s energy efficiency, it also saves you money as they last longer and use less electricity than most standard lightbulbs.

Last but not least, it’s always best to consider solar panels on your roof as these specific panels maximise the environmental benefits of your loft and thus, you use less energy in the long run and save more money.

We hope this helps!