How to keep your Loft cool during Summer!

Yes, we know that Summer is a long way away, but there’s nothing like being prepared! It’s always handy if you know a few useful tips on how to keep your loft cool during the Summer, and the months shortly leading up to it.

Rooms that are too stuffy quickly become very uncomfortable and can stop people enjoying themselves, their new conversion or even sleeping at night. Here at Pinnacle Loft Conversions, we want to make sure that you are enjoying your new conversion and taking full advantage of all its necessities that come with it.


By having loft insulation, you are ensuring that there is no heat loss during the Winter but you are also making sure that you’re not overheating by preventing heat build up in and around the room during the Summer months as well. You can also insulate the walls to stabilize the temperature even further!

Solar Air Conditioning

Solar powered air conditioning is one of the best ways to keep cool and it doesn’t have a major impact on the environment either. The air conditioning is designed to work whenever you need it and it will also reduce your carbon footprint as well.

Stay Away from Direct Sunlight

If your windows tend to let in a lot of heat, then it’s probably best for you to fit thicker blinds that don’t let as much heat in, reflective blinds are also a good choice.


One of the best ways to ensure that a room stays cool is to make sure that there is plenty of ventilation. This prevents the room from becoming to humid and you can even open a window or turn on a fan to keep the air flowing freely around the room. You can enjoy the weather without becoming too warm.