Choosing the best Loft Insulation for You!

Because heat rises, and almost a quarter of it is lost through your roof, if your loft in uninsulated; then this can be a problem. By investing in loft insulation, it will be effective for at least 40+ years do you don’t have to worry about replacing it for a long time.

Before you consider getting loft insulation, make sure your loft is free from any water and damp damage as this can lead to future problems, if it is, then you can most likely do it yourself. Always make sure you have the space to do it as well as you will need to lay boards over the joists as if you only insulate the joists before doing any of that then the insulation won’t be thick enough. You can do this by raising the level of the floor so you can fit enough mineral wool underneath the new floor level.

You can also have different types of insulation depending on your type of loft and the shape and size of your roof. For a flat roof, it would need to be insulated from above as this can lead to condensation problems if not done correctly. If you have a damp loft, then you will need to increase your ventilation and get something called ‘Building Control Approval’ – also seek professional advice before doing so.

Having loft insulation will also save you a lot on your gas and energy bills all year round as you won’t have to pay more for extra heating as your home will already be storing the heat that you need.

Make sure you insulate your pipe and water tanks too as they can freeze due to the drops in temperature and cause damage to your heating system when you need it the most.