Tips on how to keep your loft warm this Winter!

So if you’ve just had a new loft conversion and you’re looking for tips on how to keep it warm this Winter, then look no further! We’ve devised a list that will help you to trap in that much need heat so you can look forward to those cozy nights with a nice cup of tea.

Your Flooring
We make sure to take into account the structure and layout of your building, and try to give you the best advice possible when it comes to your flooring. A wooden floor is sometimes likely to expand depending on the amount of light it is exposed to which can cause gaps to appear. Consider laminate instead as it tends to be stronger and more durable. If you don’t want hard flooring, soft carpet would be the best option as it insulates your floor and gives the room its much needed warmth.

Your Windows
Instead of just having normal windows, consider getting double or triple glazed and this will help to trap heat and minimize the risk of heat loss. Velux windows are great because they include timers which can help regulate the temperature in your loft. Also, if your windows face south then this will help to capture natural light and heat which in turn will make your loft nice and warm.

Your Heating
Make sure you think about the positioning of your radiators as this can affect the whole heating outcome in the room. Place one or some in strategic areas so there is an equal distribution of heat around the room. Nowadays, you have different styling options to suit your décor to choose from instead of the more traditional looking radiators.

Remember that heat also rises so consider under the floor heating for those chilly nights and mornings. If you have any questions, don’t forget to Get In Touch.