Making the most of your loft conversion

Having decided to convert your loft into a usable living space, a world of possibilities suddenly opens up before you. You may already know exactly what you’re going to do with all the extra space, down to the last fine detail, but if you don’t, here are five ideas well worth considering.

Maximise your space

Lofts may be the largest unused space in your home, but typically some of that space is going to include steeply sloped ceilings which can actually make the room feel smaller. One way to really open up the space and reflect all available light is to paint the floor, ceiling, and walls in pure white paint. If all white sounds too extreme, try another colour – as long as you keep it light; the darker you go, the smaller the room will feel.

Try low furnishings

Low or even some children’s furniture can work especially well in a loft conversion. Opt for a low coffee table and some floor cushions instead of a conventional table and chairs to make the ceiling seem higher. Similarly, play tables and shelving designed for a child’s room can be deployed in the converted loft and will make the most of those low walls.

Create a bed nook

If your loft conversion is to be a child’s bedroom, then a bed nook under the eaves is just the kind of cosy, small enclosure that kids enjoy. That’s not to say adults don’t like this style of bed too and by adding some bespoke bedside shelving plus storage under the bed, you can use every last bit of space available.

Customised units

Lots of furniture stores have modular pieces that can be perfect for your loft, but if your budget will stretch to it, customised units that are made to fit are definitely worth considering. They’ll look fantastic and you’ll be surprised by how much storage space well designed units will give you.

Hanging chair

A hanging chair, suspended from the highest point in the loft – usually the centre beam – is a great addition to a loft conversion. Practical and fun, the chair will also emphasise the height of the room.