Creative storage for Loft Conversions

Increasing in popularity, the loft conversion is a great way to add an extra room to your home, without having to build an extension. However, the shape of the roof can make it difficult to use all the space effectively. Here at Pinnacle Loft Conversions, we know how important storage in your loft conversion is, and this is our guide to creative storage for loft conversions.

Cupboards and Wardrobes

Using the shape of the roof fittings as an advantage, fitted furniture can make good use of the alcoves. Cupboard space and wardrobe space can take up a lot of the floor space, but if they are fitted into the alcoves of your loft conversion, then you can save space by creating storage. Using sliding or folding doors on these wardrobes or cupboards can also mean you don’t have to worry about angles or space when opening the doors.

Window Seats

Why take up the possibly limited floor space with a sofa or chairs, when you could create your own window seat? Make use of the loft window alcove and take in those views. A window seat is the perfect way to relax. A wooden frame and a lot of cushion can make a really stunning window seat, adding interest to your loft conversion.

En-Suite Bathrooms

Again, a good way to make use of the awkward roof shaping is to create an ensuite bathroom in the additional space. A fitted shower can be a real wow feature to your loft conversion project, while also making sure that all the space is utilised.

Shelving options

Why buy a bookcase to take up more valuable floor space, when you could use shelves? Line some of your walls with shelves and you can store items while saving space for more important furniture. Don’t forget, you can double up on shelf space by using wire baskets that hang from the underside of the shelf itself. Alternatively, shelf space can be created by digging into the walls to create inlaid shelves that don’t take up space externally.

In summary

Look at ways to be creative with your storage solutions. Using the awkward roof spaces in an ingenious way leaves more floor space and makes full use of the room. Creative storage for loft conversions can help you maximise the potential of your loft conversion. For any and all your loft conversion inquiries, contact us at Pinnacle Loft Conversions today.