Before you move, look to your loft

If you’ve outgrown your house and you’re looking to move then stop and think. Could you have all the space you need with a simple loft conversion?

The loft is an often overlooked space in the house. It might be dark up there, it might seem cramped. But with a little work it could turn into the extra bedroom you always wanted. It could be much cheaper than moving, too.

The Telegraph recently revealed that the average cost of moving house is £12,000. That’s an awfully big investment and that money may well be better spent on your own home. A simple loft conversion could cost much less and even if you decide to go for broke and invest more, this is not simply wasted money. A converted loft is an extra bedroom, which means you’ll be able to sell in a higher price bracket when the time comes and you’ll have a unique selling point.

Even the smallest loft can be turned into a workable space with a little creativity. A lot of lofts are dark, but the simple addition of Velux windows, or even a gallery window in the wall, can transform the most dimly lit space.

Minor extension work can help turn a space that is too small into a real bedroom, opening up the walls and additional insulation work and a little extra drywall can easily turn a dark loft into the most inviting room in the house.

You normally have to look for additional space when you welcome a new addition to the family, so it doesn’t have to be the biggest room in the house. A loft conversion, then, can save you a massive amount of money and can literally pay for itself when you come to sell your home.