Your office is upstairs

If you work from home and it just isn’t working out, and if you’re looking for an office space to rent, you might want to do the maths and consider converting your loft space into an office.

More people are working from home these days and freelance is becoming a way of life for a vast army of people that would once have worked on-site. Improved connectivity and the changing nature of the workforce mean that a lot of us work from home and it can provide great freedom.

You get hours a week back when it comes to a commute, you can work flexible hours around your family life or other commitments and there are serious benefits. But it doesn’t always work out like you think.

The fact that you work where you live means your family can interrupt you, friends can pop round or you can find yourself distracted by household chores. It’s great, but it’s not necessarily the utopia you dreamed about when you signed up.

So having made the decision to work from home, many of Britain’s freelance workforce find themselves looking for an office or desk space to rent. So if that’s you, consider the alternatives.

Do the maths carefully, because for the price of an annual office rental and the associated bills, it could well be possible to convert a loft into a perfectly serviceable office. That means we can lock ourselves away, install soundproofing, and have a private haven to focus on work.

Going to an office, even if it’s upstairs, too, you’ll find your mindset changes and you can get into ‘work mode’, blocking out the distractions that go with the rest of the house. So if you’re on the lookout for an office space then have a think, because it might be right upstairs.