Loft Conversions Could Add Significant Value To Your Home!

Financial rewards can be in store for those who have added extensions onto their homes including Loft Conversions.

In recent reports, loft conversions in particular can add at least around the £42,000 mark added onto your home’s value. That is a huge 22% increase of the average home on the market.

Although location of homes can be a big part to play on the pricing of homes but by adding the extra space can make the property be deemed of better quality.

Other ways of making homes more valuable include extending the home by maybe adding an extra bedroom. This similarly can add a 22% increase. Options of less, but still significant value, could include adding a bathroom which could snap up the homeowner £10,000.

Although it may seem obvious that by increasing your house size, there is extra value but by having these extensions can test the durability of the household. Loft conversions are the trickiest of home improvements. 36% of British Builders and Tradesmen surveyed by Direct Line Home Insurance say that they can be very problematic.

There are a number of things to consider before beginning the work on your home. Notifying the neighbours is always important (although they can’t stop the work). Make sure you know what you are working with, the measurements are needed in order to start successfully. Also make sure you know where you are getting your light from: either understand that you wish to have a big skylight or just simple electronic lighting.

Hopefully, giving this insight will hopefully make your project more excitable knowing that you’re sat on a mini goldmine!