Beyond a Bedroom: What Else Could Your Loft Conversion Be?

Beyond a Bedroom: What Else Could Your Loft Conversion Be?

Most traditional uses of a loft conversion is for either an extra bedroom, an office or another bathroom. Looking beyond the obvious and getting those creative juices flowing, there are a few other rooms that you can create after you’ve renovated.

Recording Studio/ Music Room

For those budding musicians, it can be an expensive career choice when trying to find the right studio to work in. Another suggestion would be why not have your own? Even if you’re a casual musician, it can be a rewarding feeling splashing out on equipment that will be able to make your own personal collection.

Sensory Room

This could be the perfect little relaxing room for those with children. It’s said to have amazing results to those with visual and hearing impairments and those who suffer from autism. By filling the room with lights, different textures on the walls and soft places to just lay and relax then you will feel that you’ve made good use of the old abandoned attic. Similarly, it could be used as a child friendly nursery where all toys can be kept for the ultimate playtime.

Artist Studio

If you need some peace and quiet to experiment and make your favourite piece of work then this could be the choice for you. It allows a space to be creatively inspired, with great floods of light to see your work in its truest form.

Personal Gym

With tons of space then a lot of equipment can fit in to have an intense workout, you could also even get a bathroom up there so you truly feel like a health guru. Make sure to have a lot of power outlets in order to have music blasting to keep you motivated.