Saving Space Solutions for Loft Conversions

Saving Space Solutions for Loft Conversions

The main reason that we convert our lofts into a room of our choice is the lack of space within your home. Roofing can make it awkward for all the space to be used effectively. Here are some handy tips to branch out the storage opportunities.

Fitted Furniture

Once the conversion has been completed, you can start getting creative with what goes inside. Wardrobes can be fitted into the walls to save floor space but also keep the room organised. Although it could take time and patience, it will be a spacious environment.

Scrap Seating!

Instead of looking into comfy sofas and chairs, instead why not work on your own little project by creating a window seat. They are perfect for relaxation especially after a long day. This would be ideal for all those bookworms who like to cuddle away.

On-Suite Bathrooms

As mentioned earlier, the awkward ceilings in lofts can make decision making difficult. Most people decide to just leave spaces blank but why not invest in your own private bathroom. Fitted showers will make the most of unwanted room and gives a stylish finish to your own personal retreat.

Built-in Shelves

Instead of giving yourself lack of room with furniture sticking out of every part of the room, make the most of how much you can push out the room by digging into the walls. By creating shelves it makes the room have a homely touch plus tons more storage.

Space can be created by branching out what you already have or being savvy with the furniture that you want. By building another room, like a bathroom, onto what you’ve already got gives the room an extra dimension and creates the perfect little getaway for when you want some peace and quiet.