Top 3 Uses for a Loft Conversion

Adding space and value, a loft conversion is the perfect way to extend your home. Useful for a variety of rooms, loft conversions are becoming increasingly popular. After all, there is often no reason to move house in this uncertain property market, when you can simply improve your own home. Here at Pinnacle Loft Conversions, we know how important it is to get your loft conversion just right. Here are the top 3 uses for a loft conversion.


The most popular choice for a loft conversion is to create a new bedroom. This is often connected to extending families and the volatile property market. It is becoming difficult for growing families to find a new home with more bedrooms. Instead, families are opting to convert their own loft into an extra bedroom. Light and airy, the loft conversion makes for a lovely bedroom space, with great views from the loft window. For a master bedroom, the loft conversion can bring peace and quiet, distanced from the rest of the home. Some loft conversions can combine the master bedroom with an ensuite bathroom, making the space a perfect getaway.

Office Space

The second most popular choice is to use it for an office space. Working from home can be difficult, especially when it comes to creating a work-life balance. The loft conversion is completely separate from the rest of the home and gives you space to concentrate and work in peace and quiet. It also means that once your work is complete, you can retreat to the rest of the house and relax and unwind, without having to think about work. This physical distance can increase productivity.

A TV room

The third most popular choice is to use the loft conversion as a TV room. Fit blackout blinds to your skylight, add in a low sofa and a large screen TV or projector, and you have a full home cinema experience. Away from the rest of the house it is also a great place for teenage children to play computer games and watch films, away from the family room.

In summary

We hope our guide to the top 3 uses for a loft conversion helped you make some key loft related decisions. Here at Pinnacle Loft Conversions, we can help you achieve your dream loft conversion, for whatever room you have in mind. Whether it’s a new bedroom, office, or a TV room, contact us today, to convert your loft in to the room you need.