Top 5 alternative loft conversion ideas

When considering a loft conversion, most people choose to turn the space into a study, an extra bedroom or a children’s playroom, but these are far from your only options. Let’s take a look at some of the less common but more exciting alternatives…

Home cinema

Almost everyone loves spending a quiet evening in watching movies or TV, and what better way to optimise the experience than with a dedicated cinema room? Simply move your TV, surround sound speakers and any media players into the room and furnish it with comfortable seating. Go all out by including a popcorn machine and top of the range recliners.

Yoga and meditation room

If you enjoy yoga, Pilates or meditation, the loft could be the perfect place for you to practise. Removed from the noise and chaos that might be going on in the rest of your house, you can concentrate on relaxing and get the most out of your sessions.


If you’re a bookworm, a library with a reading area could be the perfect way to use your loft. You’ll finally have somewhere to both store and enjoy all your books, and your own quiet area of solitude to escape to. Add a comfy chair or bean bag, and you’ll be in reading heaven.

Gaming room

A loft conversion has the potential to become a gamer’s paradise – all you need is the appropriate hardware (think top quality monitors and computers) and some comfy seating. Add in a fridge filled with drinks and a snack cupboard and you’re good to go!

Mum cave

Why have a man cave when you can appreciate the lady of the house with a mum cave? Every mum needs and deserves some time and space to herself now and then, and a comfortable space in a converted loft is ideal for this. It can be completely customised to suit individual tastes, whether she likes doing arts and crafts or just enjoys sitting in front of the TV with a cuppa.

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