Loft staircase designs

Once you have decided on your loft conversion type and are ready to make the home alteration, you should think about how you are going to access your loft conversion. The staircase leading to your loft conversion is both a practical concern and a design consideration. After all, it is going to become an important part of your home. Here at Pinnacle Loft Conversions, we are loft conversion experts. As a result, we have produced this guide to loft staircase designs.

What are the building regulations for loft staircases?

As with many home alterations, your staircase for a loft conversion is subject to building regulations. These include making sure that there is:

  • at least 1.9m of headroom at the centre of the flight of stairs
  • at least 1.8 m of headroom at the edges
  • a maximum pitch of no more than 42 degrees

These regulations are designed to ensure that your staircase is both practical and safe. A staircase that you have to crawl up because there is no head height for example, would not be very practical. However, these regulations can impact on the loft staircase design, depending on your available space.

Pre-made loft staircases

Generally cheaper than a bespoke staircase, a pre-made staircase can be a good option if you are on a budget, and on a tight timescale. However, you will need to make sure these stairs are customized to the space you have. This customization will include:

  • the pitch
  • the number of steps needed
  • the depth
  • the height

Bespoke loft staircase designs

As these staircases will be created just for you, by a skilled joiner, they generally will cost more than an off the shelf pack. However, you truly do get what you pay for and bespoke staircases can be fantastic.

Built to suit your space and needs, you can end up with a staircase that is unique and stylish, and makes full use of the available space.

In summary

Loft staircase designs include both pre-made staircases, that will be customized, or bespoke staircases made just for you. Whichever you choose, you will need to stick to the building regulations. If you need any help or advice, or if you are ready to begin your own loft conversion project, contact us today at Pinnacle Loft Conversions.