Guide to loft conversions and head height

When it comes to your loft conversion, having enough head room is an essential consideration. Put simply, you will be unable to use a loft conversion if there is not enough head height, and you will be breaking building regulations. As a result, you should work with a professional and registered company to make sure your loft conversion will be just what you need. Here at Pinnacle Loft Conversions, we are loft conversion experts. Consequently, we have put together this guide to loft conversions and head height.

Head height regulations

Primarily, when it comes to loft conversions and head height, you MUST have more than 2.2m of space between the top of the ceiling joist and the bottom of the ridge of timber. If you are not sure you will have enough room, or if this gap is a little smaller than required, dont worry, we can help.

Insulation thickness

First of all, if your potential loft conversion space is only out by a few centimeters, you can look at installing thinner insulation. Loft insulation can be quite thick, normally around 30 cm. As a result, installing a thinner insulation can save some space.

Lower the ceiling

However, if a few cm just wont cut it, you can always lower the ceiling below. This is a good way to increase the head height in your new loft conversion, but it can be rather messy and disruptive. It will mean quite a lot of work, and the room below will not be usable during the renovations. For some households this simply isnt an option. As a result, you should discuss with the professionals and the project planner beforehand, to plan the best way around the head height problem.

Raise the Roof

Finally, to raise your head height you could simply raise the roof of your home. This is expensive, as it means essentially removing the rood and rebuilidng it with more height. Planning permission will be required. However, it surprisingly causes less disruption than lowering the ceiling.

If you need more information or advice, or for an expert opinion on your own potential loft conversion, contact us today here at Pinnacle Loft Conversions.