Loft insulation choices for your loft conversion

Here at Pinnacle Loft Conversions, we know how important it is to get every part of your new loft conversion right. Designing and creating a whole new room in your home is an exciting task. However, the practicalities of a new loft conversion can be undervalued and overlooked. This includes the loft insulation. As a result, we have produced this guide to loft insulation choices for your loft conversion.

Why install loft insulation?

In our homes, heat rises. So while you might be snug and warm in front of the fire, the heat will rise up through your home, and eventually out of your roof. In fact, around 25% of the heat lost from your home is lost through the roof! This can cost you more money in terms of heating and energy bills, and also means that it is harder to keep your home at an ambient temperature during the winter months. However, installing loft insulation is an easy way to prevent all of these issues. And it can be installed quickly and easily as part of your loft conversion.

Considerations for loft insulation

Before you install loft insulation, you need to make sure that:

1. There is no damp in the loft
2. There is enough space for the layer of insulation you need

In addition, if you have any pipes or water tanks in the loft, they will also need to be insulated. This is because they can freeze due to the drops in temperature, causing a lot of damage to your heating system.

Types of loft insulation

Furthermore, you will also have to think about what type of loft insulation you want to install. This will depend on a range of factors, including:

  • the shape of your roof
  • the size of the roof
  • the head height available
  • the type of loft conversion (dormer or standard)

For more information or advice about loft insulation or loft conversions, get in touch with the professionals today here at Pinnacle Loft Conversions.