No excuses – 2016 is the year of your loft conversion

Are you one of the millions of UK home owners who are currently considering a loft conversion? It doesn’t matter if you’ve just looked up at the loft and wondered what you could do with all that extra space, or if you’ve even got as far as having some plans drawn up, it’s time to turn your dreams into reality and make 2016 the year you get that loft conversion done. Let’s dispel some common things which might be putting you off.

1) The ceiling would be too low

OK, you could get your roof altered, but rather than thinking upwards, think downwards. If you’re prepared to lower the ceilings of the rooms below your loft, that extra space would make a loft conversion possible. If that sounds like too much work, how about creating a mezzanine level?

2) I’d need planning permission

Not necessarily. Many loft conversions are covered by your permitted development rights, and you won’t even need to bother your local council. Have a look here [] for the latest legal guidance.

3) It would be too dark

Again, not necessarily. In terms of lighting, a single pendant light won’t do it, just as a single light couldn’t light the whole width of your house. Look into spotlights, wall lights, and even floor lighting. Velux windows also allow a lot of natural light into a loft conversion, and a loft conversion company like Pinnacle will be able to suggest plenty of alternatives which are appropriate for you.

4) What about storage?

Your loft is probably home to your Christmas tree and old toys. There’s no need to chuck everything out, even if you end up with a really unusually shaped space. Pinnacle can help you come up with a plan to create as much or as little bespoke storage space as you need.

5) It couldn’t house an en suite

Definitely not true. A little extra work would be needed to allow the floor to take the weight of a bath, and your builder would need to investigate how to join new waste pipes to the existing ones, but it’s not impossible. You could have a full master bedroom suite much more easily than you imagined.

Stop making excuses, and make 2016 the year that you give your house the best loft conversion you can. Give Pinnacle a call for an informal chat and a no-obligation quote.