3 reasons to get a loft conversion

A loft conversion is probably the most popular and valuable addition you can make to your home, and winter is the perfect time to start planning it. Here are three great reasons a loft conversion is right for just about any home:

1. It brings extra space and light

Converting your loft adds valuable space to your home. Think of the options: an extra bedroom; a lounge; that den or play room you’ve always dreamed of; or a luxurious en suite bathroom. The possibilities are endless when you add space to the top of your house. You’ll also bring extra light into your home. Most loft conversions feature sky lights so you can enjoy more light by day and gaze at the moon and stars by night.

2. It can add up to 20% to the value of your home

A number of studies have shown that a loft conversion is likely to be the best investment you can make in improving your home. By adding all the space and light described above, you give prospective buyers added value when you come to sell on and move up. Think about it, where else can you get up to 20% return on investment?

3. Year-round versatility

You’ll never have to worry about having room for friends and family at holiday times as you’ll be significantly adding to your home’s capacity without adding to its footprint. You could say that building up is the new building out. Perhaps you’ll make your newly converted loft into the party room. Never again will your special occasion be scuppered by the weather. Simply bring the celebration indoors and upstairs.

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