3 uses for your new loft conversion

Whatever you use your new room for, a loft conversion is a great way of achieving additional space and adding extra value to your home. Below are a few practical uses for your new loft conversion.

1. Bedroom

Loft conversions make for light, airy bedrooms, and the presence of beams and unusual roof-lines can make them really quirky spaces. Attic rooms make excellent master bedrooms as they are slightly removed from the rest of the house, meaning they are places of quiet and sanctuary. Depending on the layout of your home, you may even have room for an en suite bathroom or dressing room in your new attic space.

2. Home office

Positioning your home office in your loft conversion is a great way of keeping home- and work-life separate. At the end of the working day your office can be separated off from the rest of the house while you focus on your family-life. The brightness and airiness of loft conversions can help make them relaxing and productive places to work. An office in the loft is also easy to keep separate from other members of your family, meaning important documents and essential paperwork will always be just where you left them.

3. TV room

Many skylights come equipped with blackout blinds, meaning you can easily and effectively block out almost all daylight, should you wish to. This makes loft conversions excellent for recreating the cinema experience. A large television and a low sofa instantly transform your loft conversion into your very own home cinema. If your neighbours do not have their own loft conversion you don’t even need to worry about them hearing your sound system.

Whatever you have in mind for your loft conversion, Pinnacle Loft Conversions in Preston can help you to achieve your dream. Contact us today to discuss your requirements.