Let There Be Light!

Instead of moving house, nowadays many people are getting conversions and extensions. One of the most popular ones these days is a loft conversion. People get them to provide them and others with extra space and turn them into either spare bedrooms, offices, reading nooks or a creative space to really get the creative juices flowing.

One way to really turn it into something spectacular is making sure you have a lot of light. Being on the top provides you with some really great views and scenery. So why not use that as an advantage?

There are many ways in which you can access natural light and have it flowing into your room. Centre pivot roof windows are wonderful and are deemed a classic look when it comes to lighting. And they also work really well with high installations. You can even add electric roof windows for those spaces that are hard to reach and let the fresh air stream in!

If you want to make the most out of your loft, why not have top hung windows? And because they open outwards, the sash won’t take up any extra space when you open them. You can also enjoy panoramic views with a window like this and provides you with a decent amount of headspace.

Having a window balcony is also another great way to provide your room with extra light. Their innovative and unique and create a beautiful Juliet-esque style with a gentle nudge. It makes the room look bigger and provides more space for someone who wants to take full advantage of the outdoors.

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