Advantages of Juliet balconies for loft conversions

Here at Pinnacle Loft Conversions, we are Preston’s leading loft conversion experts.From dormer conversions, to hip to gable lofts, we can design and install a range of loft conversions. And this is our guide to everything you should know about the benefits of Juliet balconies.

What is a Juliet balcony?

A Juliet balcony is a type of balcony that you cannot walk out on to. Instead, railings are fitted to the outside of the window or door, so that when this is open, you can stand safely on the edge of the loft conversion, and enjoy the view and the fresh air. These can be made from metal or from glass depending on your preference.

What are the advantages of Juliet balconies for loft conversions?

There are a number of advantages and benefits to designing a loft conversion with a Juliet balcony. These advantages include:

  • Increasing the value of your loft conversion- any loft conversion can add value to your home, but to really maximise the return on your investment its the small, high quality details that can make the biggest impact. A Juliet balcony is one such detail, and this can increase the curb appeal of your property, and drive up the value of your home.
  • Practical addition to the home- a Juliet balcony offers a completely safe and secure way to open your loft conversion to the outdoors and enjoy the stunning views. Whether you’re having your morning coffee or your relaxing on a summers evening, a Juliet balcony can be the perfect choice. This is even safe for children too, although full supervision would be recommended.
  • Adding natural light- a Juliet balcony needs a large window or even a door, and this can help to flood your loft conversion with natural light for a stunning space.

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