Loft conversions: what do you need to know?

When it comes to your loft conversion, we are Preston’s leading experts, here at Pinnacle Loft Conversions. And while a loft conversion is a fantastic extension option for a wide range of homes and house types, there some important things you need to know, before you jump in with both feet. From the building regulations to the finishing touches, we have produced this guide to loft conversions, and what you need to know.

Types of loft conversion

One of the first things that you need to think about in terms of your loft conversion is the type of conversion you wish to install. This is because, the type of conversion you choose will determine the price of the work. The cheapest loft conversion type is one that simply uses the space available, without building out from the roof. But this may not provide you with enough head height to meet the building regulations. And this can dramatically reduce the usability and value of the space.

Planning permission

If you want to build out of the roof, you might need planning permission. However, most homes have an allowance of permitted development. Which means you can extend a certain distance out of the original building, without applying for planning permission. It’s always best to check with your local council first.

Building regulations

Although your loft conversion might not require planning permission, you will definitely need to stick to the building regulations. This determines things like ceiling height, fire safety, and access. As a result, whoever you hire to install your loft conversion will need to stick to the building regulations and make you aware of any necessary changes to the plans.

For more information or advice about your new loft conversion, get in touch with Preston’s leading experts today, here at Pinnacle Loft Conversions.