Installing loft bathrooms

While bedrooms and studies might be a popular choice for many loft conversions, the loft bathroom can also be a great option. Whether its a small bathroom or en-suite to accompany a loft bedroom, or just an additional bathroom, you could increase your property value by up to 6 percent. This is because bathrooms are no longer viewed simply as places to wash, they are instead where we relax and unwind. Here at Pinnacle Loft Conversions, we have produced this guide to installing loft bathrooms.

Bathroom underfloor heating

In your loft conversion bathroom, underfloor heating is a real option. After all you need to lay the floor and the pipes for your room in general, so deciding on underfloor heating before you begin means that the process will be simple and straightforward.

Underfloor heating is a practical form of heating and in a loft bathroom it can hep you make the most of the space available, as radiators will not be needed. This means that you will have more wall space.

Awkward shapes

So while lofts might be awkward shapes, bathrooms can easily utilize this to turn a problem into an advantage. Inset baths and shower enclosures can be installed in all kinds of nooks and alcoves which means that there will be more floor-space in the centre of the room. Alternatively, storage is essential in bathrooms, so why not turn that awkward corner into a cupboard. This means that clean linen and towels can easily be stored away.

Wet rooms

For a really contemporary and interesting option, why not use your loft bathroom space and turn it into a wetroom. This is essentially a shower room, without the shower enclosure. Instead the floor will slope slightly towards the drain. When decorated with the right tiles, this can become a perfect loft sanctuary. However, you will need to consider the waterproofing of the whole room.

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