Designing a loft conversion with built in storage

loft conversion project

A loft conversion can be a great investment for any property, increasing property value by up to 20 percent, as well as increasing usable space. But why should you consider designing a loft conversion with built in storage? And what are the benefits of this?

What are the benefits of designing a loft conversion with built in storage?

Designing a loft conversion with built-in storage can provide a host of benefits for homeowners looking to maximize the functionality and usability of their living space. Some of the key benefits  of designing a loft conversion with built in storage include:

  • Making the best use of the available space- built-in storage can help to maximize the available space in a loft conversion. Lofts often have awkward angles and unusual shapes, which can make it challenging to find furniture and storage solutions that fit comfortably within the space. Built-in storage can be custom designed to fit the exact dimensions of the loft, making the most of every nook and cranny.
  • Keeping your loft conversion organized- incorporating storage into the design of a loft conversion can help to keep the space clutter-free and organized. Lofts can quickly become cluttered with belongings and household items, especially if there is limited storage space available. Built-in storage solutions can help to create designated areas for different items, making it easier to keep the space tidy and organized.

What are the important considerations for built in loft conversions storage?

To make sure that you achieve the best results with your built in storage you should consider:

  • Highlighting this during the planning phase- designing and building a loft conversion with built in storage in mind can be a good way to make sure that this storage will be usable and add the most value to the room you are creating.
  • Access- make sure that the built in storage will be accessible within the layout and interior design of your loft space.

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