Creating a practical loft conversion

Whether you want to create a master bedroom and en-suite, a new office, or even a home gym or cinema room, a new loft conversion can be the perfect option. But this needs to be designed with practicality in mind. So what are the practical considerations to take into account, to ensure you make the most out of your new, usable loft space?

What are the effective options for creating a practical loft conversion?

For your loft conversion to be fully practical, there are some simple design steps you should consider, including:

  • Storage- no matter what you plan to use your loft conversion for, storage will probably be important. But you can easily add storage to any loft conversion during the design and construction phase. Building the loft conversion with the storage in mind will allow for intelligent, built in storage options to be created. This can be allow for a more effective use of space, once complete.
  • Electrical outlets- in most homes in the UK, there is an over-reliance on extension cables, because of a shortage of sockets. As we have become ever more reliant on technology, it will be crucial that you plan for and install enough electrical outlets in your loft conversion. This will mean that you dont have to trail extension cable wires across your new room, and will instead have a practical, usable space.
  • Heating- while full insulation will be included in the installation of your loft conversion, your new room will probably need additional heat. You should consider the layout of the room, and the purpose of the room, before deciding where to install any central heating radiators.

While these are just some simple design steps that can make your loft conversion more practical, there are legal requirements and fire safety obligations that your new loft conversion must also meet. So to help ensure that your loft conversion is as practical as possible, and meets legal standards, you should work with a professional team, like us, here at Pinnacle Loft Conversions. Why not get in touch today?