Create a loft conversion bedroom this New Year

With New Year just around the corner, its the perfect time for resolutions and reflections on changes that can be made. This also includes changes around the home. One of the most popular options is to change the un-utilized storage space in the loft, into a whole new bedroom. So why should you create a loft conversion bedroom this New Year? And what kind of advantages can you expect? Well, here at Pinnacle Loft Conversions, we are leading loft conversion professionals. From mansard to dormer loft conversions, we are the team you can count on. And this is our guide to everything you should know about loft conversion bedrooms.

Create a loft conversion bedroom this New Year

A loft conversion bedroom can be created in any type of loft conversion, from a rooflight to a mansard conversion. In some cases, your loft may not offer the necessary amount of headroom to become a practical bedroom, with just a rooflight conversion. In this instance, you may need to consider a dormer conversion, or another type of loft conversion to extend the head height of the room.

You will also need to consider storage, and your loft conversion can be designed with storage built in, so that you dont have to worry about cupboards, wardrobes and shelves. Working with a professional team, like us, here at Pinnacle Lofts can be a great option, means that we can plan your loft conversion around these specifications, so you get a stunning, and practical loft bedroom.

What are the advantages of a loft bedroom?

There are many advantages to converting your existing loft into a whole new bedroom. These include:

  • Increasing the value of your home- in general, the more bedrooms you have, the more your home is worth.
  • Practical use of the space- its often easier and cheaper to modify your existing home, rather than try and sell to move elsewhere. Additional bedroom space is the most practical use of a loft space, as this means you can extend your home.

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