Considerations for planning a loft conversion

When it comes to loft conversions, we are industry experts, here at Pinnacle Loft Conversions. From dormer loft conversions, to installing the necessary loft access, we are the skilled, professional team you can count on. So, if you’re thinking about a new loft conversion for your property, what are the essential decisions and considerations you will need to take into account? Well, this is our guide to the considerations for planning a loft conversion.

Type of loft conversion

One of the first things you need to consider is the type of loft conversion that you would like to install. There are three types to choose from:

  • Internal loft conversion- these tend to be the cheapest and easiest option, and involve simply converting the existing loft space. While the floor will need to be stengthened, and perhaps other structural support will be necessary, all of the work will take place inside the existing frame of the loft.
  • Dormer loft conversion- this involves adding dormer windows to increase the volume of the roof space while providing full head height. As you can see, these take more work but can be more effective.
  • Roof off loft conversion- this involves completely removing the roof of the loft to remodel or replace it with a new structure.

Considerations for planning a loft conversion

Once you have decided on the type of loft conversion, there are further considerations for planning a loft conversion. These include:

  • The building regulations and planning permission- can you get the right permission for your proposed loft?
  • Accessing the loft- what type of staircase do you need? Will you need additional fire routes?
  • What type of fire protection do you need?
  • The insulation you will use- will you need soundproofing as well as thermal insulation?
  • Adding heating and electrics- for a usable space, you will probably need both heat and electric in your new loft conversion.

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