Common loft conversion questions

Here at Pinnacle Loft Conversions, we are Preston’s leading loft conversion experts, and this is our guide to the answers to the common loft conversion questions that we are often asked.

Professional answers to some of the most common loft conversion questions

Adding a loft conversion to your property can improve the value of the property and increase the amount of space available, making your home more practical. However, a loft conversion isn’t appropriate for all properties or spaces and there are some important considerations to take into account. As a result, as a leading loft conversion design and installation team we are often asked questions about loft conversions, which include:

  • Do I need planning permission?
  • Do I have enough head room?
  • How much access space is needed?

Does your loft conversion need planning permission?

Usually a loft conversion doesn’t need planning permission unless you live in a conservation area, a listed building, or are planning to increase the height of the property significantly. Currently, under your Permitted Development Rights, it is possible to add a roof extension at the side or back of a detached or semi-detached house, of up to 50m³ in volume, without having to apply. For a terraced house, this figure is 40m³.

How much head room does a loft conversion need?

The legal minimum height you need for a loft conversion is 2.2 metres, and this needs to factor in insulation and other construction materials. If you need more space you will need to consider the different types of loft conversion, including dormer conversions.

How much access space is needed for a loft conversion?

Access space is one of the important considerations for any loft conversion, but how much access space is required? Well, the access space is not as regulated as other areas of the design, such as the stairs, which must have a certain amount of available head height at different points. If your access space or landing is quite small, you could consider small, slimline staircases to increase the floor space available.

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