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Why a loft conversion in Blackburn can make financial sense

The initial outlay involved in a major home improvement, such as a loft conversion, can be off-putting at first. Many homeowners are also perturbed by the amount of disruption which is involved.

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In most cases, however, the long term benefits far outweigh the hurdles to completing a loft conversion, and one of the major advantages is the financial return that is possible from the extension.

Firstly, there is the potential to increase the value of your home – by around 20 per cent in the opinion of most property experts – which is a lucrative objective. Whether you are considering a loft conversion in the home where you live, or in a property which is part of a portfolio, the end result could be a substantial windfall when you come to sell the address.

Then there is the potential for landlords to increase the rental yield from a property. By adding an extra bedroom that is often the purpose of a loft conversion, you can add another tenant to your books. In inner city areas, where rental rates are high, but space is at a premium, this makes perfect sense, and will see you cash in further down the line.

By the same principle, a loft conversion can give you the opportunity to benefit from rental income generated from the home in which you live. If you have been considering housing a lodger, but would rather not give up the space, a newly created room can give you the chance to generate rental income, without sacrificing your own room.

Likewise, should you need space for a nanny or any other kind of live-in help, the extra space a loft conversion provides can allow you to accommodate the extra person with ease.