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Beyond a Bedroom: What Else Could Your Loft Conversion Be?

Beyond a Bedroom: What Else Could Your Loft Conversion Be? Most traditional uses of a loft conversion is for either an extra bedroom, an office or another bathroom. Looking beyond the obvious and getting those creative juices flowing, there are a few other rooms that you can create after you’ve renovated. Recording Studio/ Music Room […]

Loft Conversions Could Add Significant Value To Your Home!

head height and loft conversions

Financial rewards can be in store for those who have added extensions onto their homes including Loft Conversions. In recent reports, loft conversions in particular can add at least around the £42,000 mark added onto your home’s value. That is a huge 22% increase of the average home on the market. Although location of homes […]

Providing a full loft conversion package

As problems in the UK property market continue to rise, an increasing number of homeowners are choosing to add loft conversions to their homes as an alternative to moving properties. Not only do loft conversions increase your property’s value, but they also provide you with extra storage space and a number of design benefits. So […]