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Adding a balcony to your loft conversion

When designing your loft conversion, one of the additional extras you could consider is adding a loft conversion balcony. But this might not be as straightforward as a general conversion, and its important to seriously consider your options when adding a balcony to your loft conversion. So what are the different types of balcony available? […]

Practical considerations for a loft conversion entertainment room

A loft conversion can be the perfect way to transform your home or property, and add value too. You can create additional, usable space in a loft conversion, space that would otherwise be wasted or used solely for storage. With a loft conversion, you don’t have to lose out on storage space, but you also […]

External design choices for loft conversions

When it comes to creating a new loft conversion, it can be easy to become more interested in the internal design and space than anything else. But it’s important to remember that for all loft conversions, even roof-light conversions, there will be a visual change from the outside of the property as well. While this […]

Use your loft for more than Christmas decorations

loft conveersion preston

At this time of year, you might have already dug out your Christmas decorations, and be dreading the task of returning them to the loft. But with a professional loft conversion, you could use your loft for more than Christmas decorations. So, what could your loft become? And how could this benefit your home? Well, […]